Volunteering Abroad (When You Have A Day Job)

Volunteering Abroad (When You Have A Day Job)

Have you ever thought to yourself “I wish I could volunteer abroad, but I have such limited vacation time…”. I know that I have thought this a million times. It feels like you have to quit your day job or take a hiatus in order to give back when traveling, but you might be surprised! There are actually a lot of opportunities in which you can give back, even just on vacation.

For example, I will be volunteering in Africa, specifically in Tanzania at an orphanage called “Light in Africa”. Prior to my trip, I have made fund raising efforts, and am even hosting a Champagne Brunch this Sunday November 19th 2017 in order to give back as much as possible before my trip.

I will be spending two weeks volunteering onsite at this incredible location! They have welcomed me with open arms, even at the capacity in which I am able to help. Volunteering isn’t about how much you can do or how much time you have, it’s simply the act of being present. You can make a HUGE impact in the lives of others, in the time that you do have to give.

Here are some incredible places you can volunteer abroad in the short term:

Light in Africa – An orphanage located in Tanzania 

Volunteer in Bali 

Volunteer Vacations 

Habitat For Humanity 

Just a few to get you started, but remember, it’s not about HOW MUCH TIME. Any amount of time, is welcomed and appreciated by all of these causes! Have some more? Comment below!

Hope you can join me THIS SUNDAY too, for an amazing Charity Brunch.

Buy Tickets here! 


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