When A Traveler Gets The Blues…

When A Traveler Gets The Blues…

Everyone has something that they turn to for comfort. Some people even have vices which bring them temporary relief from life’s many challenges. My eyes always seem to turn upward whenever I get low. Watching the planes fly over head and wondering where they will find themselves landing. For a traveling spirit, there is really nothing more soul crushing than the society expectation of normality.

Try as we may, it always feels suffocating and unnatural to stay put for any given period of time. However, having the pressure of money, expectations and eventual retirement you do your best to put a round peg into a square hole. Because, what else can you do, really? People often ask me what I am running away from, unsatisfied by the typical abroad travel most could be content with. The bi-annual family vacations and the all inclusive resorts. The desire is unexplainable and only understood by the few of us who have been infected by the wanderlust bug.

I say infected because truly it would be unquestionably easier to be content with the status quo. 

How does one deal with the longing in between? The unquenchable thirst for the unknown and unpredictable? Having only just returned from a journey through Italy and France, should I not be satisfied? Perhaps the curious naysayers spouting accusations of running away are on to something? Personally, I’ve never really seen the problem with running away. Are we not all running from death each and every day? While we muddle through life completing the same tasks day in and day out only to be heading to our impending doom.

Do we not all put this to the back of our minds, put our nose to the ground and get on with it? One might say that we are all running away, some of us are just more aware of it. Somewhere along the line, I stopped looking at the ground and I started looking up and now I cannot look away and get on with it. While my world is down here for now, I live for the days when I am looking down on it. The days when I am furthest from it and all of the expectations I’ve created around it.

Next week, I’ll be back to tips and advice you can take with you when you’re finally looking down from one of the planes flying over me. Today, I mourn another trip that has passed and I keep looking up until I may too look down again.

8 thoughts on “When A Traveler Gets The Blues…

  1. This is SO beautifully written! As someone who loves traveling, I definitely feel you pain! I always feel the constant need to explore and discover new places, cities, states, and countries! I’m SO jealous that you got to visit France and Italy! Definitely on my travel bucket list!

    xo Abby

  2. I couldn’t agree more! That wanderlust gets you good and it’s hard not to dream of all those far off places you haven’t yet seen when you’re at your desk!

  3. I actually took myself entirely out of travelling for a while, especially in university. It’s so tough to stop, and I could feel that I just wanted to continue exploring!

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