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Travel For The Rest Of Us - Taking Over The World One Vacation Day At A Time.
Travel For The Rest Of Us – Taking Over The World One Vacation Day At A Time.

Tiffany Grace Devereaux

I haven’t left my cubicle job to travel the world on $50 a day (YET, am I right?). I’m not 20 something and I don’t live off my parents or a trust fund. I’m a marketing professional who still very much stares into my cubicle walls longing for my next travel destination. I own a modest home in Ventura, CA where I pay a mortgage and all the other “Normie” bills involved in homeownership and a planted kind of life style.   In other words, I am very much just like you. I woke up one day realizing that I had been planning the trip of my dreams for nearly a year, but still failed to pull the trigger. Why? I was operating under the false belief that I needed to quit my job in order to have the full experience, that I needed to save a crazy amount of money and abandon my life!

When I finally realized how ridiculous this was, I very randomly booked a trip through groupon to China! While there, I met a couple who had been saving and planning for their trip to China for 2 years, so they hadn’t traveled anywhere else in the meantime. Other travelers I met on the trip had their nose in their lap top and phones answering work e-mails the entire trip. We must take back our lives! We Must recognize and stop this disease from spreading! Vacation time is ours, the dream trips are ours, they are all just in reach if we can change our way of thinking.  I’ll share with you all of my travel stories and mistakes, so you can travel better! I’ll give tips on how I squeeze in the maximum amount of travel with the minimum about of time off work as well how to do it cheaper.  I’ll offer reviews on those discount sites that have to-good-to-be-true trips and products us “Normie Traverls” may other wise discount as things we too need, not just those hard core nomads!  I have a fetish for extreme travel activities and I’ll share with you which I felt were the most “stimulating”, which were duds and how to get the best prices.

So many times, I hear people say to me “I envy your travel life” and so many times I say “you can do it too!” but there is a lie that we’ve been told all our lives. That lie is that it’s all or nothing and that we must either save for years to take our dream trips or even take sabbaticals from our “day job” and trade work for hostel stays. Frankly, that sounds like a lot of work for us “Normie Travelers”, those of us that are still just dipping our toe into the idea OR we have real day jobs, in an office, where we have to show up Monday – Friday. People believe they need gobs of money and lots of time to travel or a hippie spirit and lack of stability.  I’ve been criticized in the past for not spending “enough time” in certain countries. The truth is, any amount of time is better than nothing, you just need to go! Don’t let time, money or apposing opinions sway you from living your travel dreams to the max. I mean, not all of us like the idea of “roughing” it and not all of us can afford tons of time off work. 

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Waterfall Rappeling In Costa Rica
What? You haven’t climbed down the side of a giant waterfall? Start Living!



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  1. So stoked you came across my Igram and I yours, Tiffany. Can’t wait to see how you accomplish this much admired lifestyle I dream to have.

    1. Nancy, me too! Thanks so much for stopping by. Ask questions any time and I hope to inspire you to TRAVEL your heart out. 🙂

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