10 Reasons To Do Nothing On Vacation

10 Reasons To Do Nothing On Vacation

We’re constantly packing in as much as possible into our vacations. After all, we have limited time and we do our best to fit in all the must see attractions in a two week span. Have you ever heard someone say “I need a vacation from my vacation“? That’s a prime example of how we’re spending our vacations much like we spend our time back home and doesn’t that defeat the entire purpose? We’re busy the entire time, trying to optimize our precious hours. I think this is because we’re conditioned to believe that we must constantly be doing something with our time. So, why are we constantly looking to fill our time on “worthwhile” events? Because we need to show the world that we’ve accomplished something worthy of sharing on social media.  I think that we’re missing the point of a vacation! Sure, it’s important to see the sites, but isn’t it equally important to get some R&R with our little time off?

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Normally, I’m full of ideas on this blog about what to do at every location. Do you know what I did in Puerto Vallarta at the all inclusive resort I stayed at? Absolutely nothing and it was glorious! Drinking out of coconuts in the bath water warm ocean, taking in a massage or lounging in the hot tub were the biggest plans I had that week. I came home feeling totally stress free and my pocket book was no lighter!

Once a year, I plan a long weekend vacation where I do nothing. It might be a resort or perhaps a bed and breakfast, but I make it a point to do very little activities on these trips. I highly suggests that you take the time to do the same at least once a year and if you need more convincing, here are 10 reasons to do nothing on vacation.

1. ) Lasting Memories – Living in the moment and fully taking in your surroundings will prove longer lasting memories. If you’re constantly on the run, it’s likely you won’t even remember a lot of what you’ve accomplished on your trip. Sip a drink on the beach, read a book and I gaurentee you’ll always remember that moment.

2.) Pampering – If you’re staying on a resort or taking a cruise, take time out to get pampered! Hotels may offer onsite spas or have services they can call in for this. Other all inclusive locations have nail and hair salons or even shopping on site. Order room service and stay in your robe all day long. Take time to pamper yourself in ways you normally wouldn’t back home or on your planned vacations. Don’t feel guilty about not exploring, you have plenty of time on other vacations of that. This is your do nothing vacation long weekend!


3.) Quality Time: Traveling with family can be a challenge and planning family friendly activities can prove exhausting. Leaving your schedule wide open will take the stress off, leaving you calm, cool and collect. Having a breezy mood will create much better quality time with the family, friends and loved ones. No fighting or comprising on travel activities, you’ve got nothing but relaxation to look forward to. Kids will always find something to do and lounging around with loved ones was never easier

4.) Less Photos – Studies have shown that taking less photos and being fully present creates lasting memories and easier recall. When you’re fully present and not focused on capturing the best photo op for your Facebook Profile picture, you’ll actually be creating easier and more precise memories from your trip. After all, what else do we have in life if not the lasting memories which make up our lives.


5.) No Stress – Having zero plans takes all the stress of planning transportation or other details around your activities.  Leaving you completely stress free and only having to plan to get to your initial destination. You’ve suddenly got this completely free feeling, which we are not privileged to most of the time. You have no obligations, no time limits, no one to answer to, the day is yours.  Let the relaxation begin

6.) Save Money – A relaxing vacation is normally hand and hand with an all inclusive. Staying on the resort and taking advantage of all the inclusions will save you time and money.  Spending less will make you feel better about kicking back. Back home you won’t have vacation remorse regretting or fretting about all the money you’ve spent. This will leave you with a little extra for your next trip and feeling lighter on the way home


7.) Serendipity – An amazing thing happens when you stop planning. You open yourself up for wonderful things to come along. You may meet fellow vacationers who invite you to do something wonderful or perhaps you discover some secret secluded beach off the beaten path. The possibilities are endless!

8.) Hobbies – Do you have a hobby that you absolutely love, but you never seem to have time to do it? Pack that book collecting dust or those knitting needles that you stored away. You’ll have all the time in the world to catch up on the things you love that may have been neglected due to lack of time. Revisit something which gave you joy in the past, but perhaps you’ve lost site of. Feeding your creative inner child will help you feel rejuvenated and spiritually uplifted.


9.) Observation – Stop and smell the roses, literally! You’ve got the time, stroll down the beach and pick up shells, walk through to botanical garden on the grounds. You have no where to be and nothing better to do, but observe the beautiful location that you’re in. Take in all the 5 senses and truly appreciate the moments. Use your time to be fully present and mindfully aware of everything you’re taking in.

10) Time – Without any pre-planned events, you suddenly have all the time in the world. Often when people return from vacation, they describe it as a “whirlwind“.  Not you, you’ll be coming back feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and totally ready to get back to the grind. You’ll have all the time in the world on your vacation, helping you to feel empowered and ready for anything! After all, this is your “do nothing” vacation, you have the ability to lounge around in your robe all day if you want. You’re such a rebel.13532825_10154355354618179_4345210217922309322_n


Have I convinced you to do nothing on your next vacation? Comment below! 

7 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Do Nothing On Vacation

  1. These are great reasons to do absolutely nothing, and I love it! I never understood why my parents just wanted to nap when we went to the beach as a kid, and now I totally get it. It’s fun to do “all the things” but it’s really enjoyable to just take time to breathe and let life ebb and flow for a bit as well!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

  2. You know what? I totally love this! What a great concept! That’s what holidays are for! Relaxing! Good for you for just enjoying it!

  3. You inspire me to take a vacation! I need to do this more often! Blogging and having a full time job is so hectic and I never have time to go on a vacation! Love your post!

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