1 Step to Change The World…

1 Step to Change The World…

My heart is breaking for hurricane victims, it’s breaking for threats of nuclear war and it’s breaking for a world I no longer recognize. A world where NFL players peacefully protesting and exercising their freedom is treated as an act of terrorism and used as means of deflection by our political leaders. Meanwhile, there are people suffering and dying. Why are we wasting time discussing whether the means in which NFL players have chosen to protest is “disrespecting of the flag”? Why are we threatening to fire people who are simply exercising what that very flag is meant to represent?  What about all the human beings that need us right now? What about the people they are bringing awareness to as a result of their actions? When can we get back to that discussion? This leaves me questioning what I can do in the midst of all this heart break. People have criticized the NFL for not doing “enough”. Suggesting that their protests should be replaced with financial support, but I think everyone is missing the point.

Changing the world is not about large grand gestures. It’s about a million tiny steps we all take together. It’s a smile on the street and pitching in the $5.00 that the customer in front of you is short on their groceries and it’s taking a knee.

Let’s stop suggesting what is or isn’t “enough” and just start doing what we can.

Earlier this year, I made a big discovery about small things. I discovered that what I can do is enough. Which pushed me to book my December trip to Africa at a home for displaced children. It’s something I’d dreamed about for many years, but I kept putting it off, waiting for the right time. I was convinced that I couldn’t spend enough time and that the time I had to offer wouldn’t be impactful.  I’d made someone feel brave this year, brave enough to make serious changes in her life, after a five minute conversation. What I realized in that moment, is that if I could make a positive impact in someones life in five minutes, imagine what I could do with two week.

Because with every gesture and effort we take to better humanity, we better ourselves. It’s how we’re meant to live, this is how we heal the world. By helping others and in turn, being the best versions of ourselves.

Having booked this trip, I cannot offer time to volunteer in person to assist so many who have been impacted by the hurricanes.  I do not have a platform to the degree in which NFL players do to spread my message. However, what I can do, is continue to remind people what the bigger picture is. I can continue to help bring us back to the real issue, humanity. Not finding ways to berate and prevent NFL players from using their very public platforms to spread a worthy message. That shouldn’t even be a question, because questioning their methods is questioning our rights themselves. Maybe it’s a small step on my part, simply reiterating a message, but it’s what I can do.

Light In Africa
(Light in Africa Home For Children)
Making a big impact is merely a perception. As human beings we’ve been programmed to weigh and measure success. Therefore, instead of giving and doing what we are capable of, we do nothing. Because we don’t believe what we can offer is going measure up to what others can offer. Which makes us feel small,  insignificant and powerless. The truth is, everything matters, no matter how small. We all have something positive to offer.
I promise that you have something amazing to offer the world. I promise that no matter who you are or what your skills may entail, you have a gift. Take one step today to find a way to share that gift with the world. Stop asking if it’s good enough, because I’m telling you that it is.

My gift is words and people. I believe you can change someones world with a simple gesture. I believe changing someones world, changes the entire world one step at a time. It’s not about grand gestures, it’s about how you treat people in each and every interaction. It’s about integrity and empathy, every single day. It’s understanding the journey others are on.

I’ve self funded my trip to Africa, but I’ve made a fund raising goal of $10,000 by Christmas.  If 2,000 people decide to take the small step of a $5 donation, I’ll have met my goal. Thousands of people, can take thousands of small steps everyday. That is how we change the world.

One time grand gestures are wonderful, but a series of a million tiny moments will add up to a million changes. Not just one moment of generosity or taking a stand, but millions of moments. Everything matters, it’s all “enough”.

You want to change the world?

Change The Conversation…

Focus On The Real Issues…

Millions of steps cover more ground 

Every Step Matters.


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